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Combining Laser Treatment and Regenerative Gum Therapy for Superior Results

WaterlaseDr. Daniel Lauer strives to offer his patients the best possible treatments available to combat the degenerative effects of gum disease. This commitment to quality has influenced a treatment method unique to his Jupiter and West Palm Beach area practice: treating gum disease with both Waterlase MD™ laser technology and Emdogain™ gum therapy. While other dental and periodontal professionals may choose one or the other, Dr. Lauer has seen the significant potential the two modalities have when used together.

As mentioned in our previous blog post entitled “Waterlase MD™ – Gentle Laser Treatment for Gum Disease,” the Waterlase MD™ technology is a minimally invasive alternative to surgical gum treatment for a patient who has periodontal disease. The laser device is designed to eliminate bacteria in gum pockets without harming surrounding tissues. This typically allows for a more comfortable procedure and a shorter recovery time. Along with Waterlase MD™, Dr. Lauer utilizes Emdogain™, a regenerative gum therapy which stimulates the restoration of bone and gum tissue that has degenerated from periodontal disease. Emdogain™ can actually regenerate lost tissue, helping the gums to re-grow and repair themselves.

Dr. Lauer has over nine years of experience combining the two treatments and has lectured on its impressive potential. He has even seen people with severe cases of periodontal disease show dramatic healing results.

If you would like to learn more about this dynamic treatment combination, please contact our practice for more information.