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Anxieties and fears about visiting the dentist are very common – in fact, some studies indicate that a large number of Americans do not undergo necessary treatment for their teeth and gums because of dental anxiety. The good news is, sedation (sleep) dentistry techniques here at the practice of Daniel Lauer, DMD can help you relax during your treatment – from dental implant surgery to laser gum surgery – and feel more comfortable than ever in the dentist’s chair.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is intended to reduce your fears of dental treatment and make your experience more comfortable. The options offered at Precision Periodontics and Implant Dentistry include oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. By taking advantage of this service, you can avoid any unpleasant sensations that may accompany your treatment. As a result, you may feel more at ease with future treatments, helping you get the treatment you need for improved oral health. You may also be able to receive more treatments during one appointment, as the overall process is more tolerable.

sedation dentistry

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation can be a very effective way for you to ignore the sights, sounds, and scents associated with dental treatment and feel completely comfortable and relaxed during your procedure. This technique allows you to experience virtually painless treatment without being totally asleep. About one hour before your procedure, you will be given a small pill. The pill will put you in a state of deep relaxation – almost to the point of sleeping; however, you will not lose consciousness and you will be able to communicate with Dr. Lauer and his team at all times. In fact, one of our experienced staff members will be monitoring your progress throughout the entire procedure to make sure that everything is okay. You should not feel anything during your dental treatment, and you may not even remember the procedure taking place once it is complete.

Please note that it can take several hours for the effects of oral conscious sedation to wear off, so arrangements should be made for someone to take you home.

“Dr. Lauer Made Me Feel Comfortable”

Janice describes her apprehension with going to the dental office and shares how her experience with our periodontist, Dr. Lauer, was comfortable and essentially anxiety-free.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide has been successfully used in dental procedures for decades. Commonly known as “laughing gas,” this technique allows you to feel very relaxed during your treatment. Although nitrous oxide does not put you into a deep sleep, it’s not unheard of for patients to drift off into a light sleep after the gas has been administered. Nitrous oxide usually takes effect after about 20 seconds of breathing the gas through a nasal apparatus. There are typically no after-effects from this sedation dentistry technique, and it should not add to your recovery time. Patients with certain medical conditions may not be able to have nitrous oxide during treatment; Dr. Lauer will talk with you about your options at your initial appointment.

How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

The cost of sedation dentistry will ultimately depend on the method that is chosen. Dr. Lauer is very focused on the overall patient experience and the majority of treatments performed at Precision Periodontics and Implant Dentistry include sedation at no additional charge to the patient. The best sedation dentistry technique for your needs will depend on factors like your medical history, the treatment(s) being performed, and how long the procedure(s) may take.

Insurance providers typically do not cover elective sedation dentistry techniques, as they are not considered necessary. However, our staff can help you determine if your insurance will assist in the total cost. Additionally, if you would like to learn about our dental financing options, we can help you with the application process.

Are There Any Side Effects to Sedation Dentistry?

Any side effects following a treatment with sedation dentistry are typically mild and quickly fade. With oral conscious sedation, you will feel drowsy and cannot drive after treatment. All of the details will be explained prior to any surgical treatment at our office which will include helping our patients make arrangements for a ride to and from their appointment. Although you will be awake during treatment, the pill typically provides an amnesic effect, which many patients appreciate as they will not remember their procedure. Nitrous oxide, on the other hand, typically wears off soon after the mask has been removed. A more comprehensive overview of your potential side effects following sedation will be discussed with you during your initial appointment.

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