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The Importance of Periodontics for Chemotherapy Patients

Older Woman SmilingAccording to Dr. Daniel Lauer, “The mouth is the entrance to the body.” While it is important to preserve oral health to protect one’s overall systemic health, this need becomes much more urgent for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy cancer treatment.

Our experienced periodontist recognizes, however, that most patients who learn they need chemotherapy do not have time to treat their oral concerns prior to cancer therapy, noting that people diagnosed with cancer must often begin treatment immediately. As a result, he stresses the need for chemotherapy patients to see a specialist as soon as possible to help prevent and control oral infections like gum disease.

Having treated numerous chemotherapy patients over the years, Dr. Lauer notes how the mouth can be severely deteriorated from lack of care prior to a diagnosis such as lung cancer. Once patients have begun chemotherapy, problems like gum bleeding can increase due to issues with blood clotting. As a result, he stresses the importance of seeing a specialist for oral care, since chemotherapy patients cannot always fight infection or heal properly.

Dr. Lauer does his best to alter dental treatments based on a patient’s cancer treatment, working closely with their oncologist to do so. He meets with patients to discuss their options and to establish the best treatment plan for getting them back to good oral health. Afterall, improving the condition of the mouth is one of the first steps in achieving a healthy body.

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