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Daniel S. Lauer, DMDBoard Certified Periodontist

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Sinus Augmentation

Some patients who are considering permanent dental implants to replace missing teeth may need an additional procedure called Sinus Augmentation to maximize the potential for successful results. Before Sinus Augmentation, patients who did not have an adequate amount of jawbone density in the upper back part of the mouth were often deemed poor candidates for dental implants, since strong bone density is necessary to accommodate the implant. However, Sinus Augmentation has changed that for many patients, allowing our periodontics specialist, Dr. Daniel Lauer, to add sufficient bone and gum tissue for the best possible dental implant results.

The Sinus Augmentation Procedure

It is very common to have inadequate levels of bone in the upper back jaw, often due to tooth loss or gum disease. Since a dental implant is designed to fuse itself to the jawbone and become a part of your mouth like a natural tooth, it is important that the bone is strong enough to support it. Sinus Augmentation, sometimes referred to as Sinus Lift, is a technique that can help you develop an adequate amount of bone in your upper back jaw to effectively anchor a dental implant. The procedure essentially involves elevating a small piece of the existing bone into the sinus cavity and filling the space underneath it with a bone graft. This can allow for a more solid structural support for the implant, and a better chance for the implant to fuse precisely and successfully to the bone.

Sinus augmentation is not necessary for every patient considering dental implants – only those who are lacking sufficient bone levels in the upper back jaw area may need the procedure. However, for those patients, it can be essential to establishing a good base of support for dental implants and allowing them to enjoy the many benefits of permanent teeth replacement.

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