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Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

Daniel S. Lauer, DMDBoard Certified Periodontist

Crown Lengthening

Sometimes it becomes necessary to remove excess gum tissue to allow more exposure of a tooth, especially if that tooth is being prepared for a dental crown or other type of restoration. Crown lengthening from Dr. Daniel Lauer is a very common (and often quick) procedure that can be performed with virtually painless Waterlase MD™ laser technology.

The Waterlase MD™ is a very precise laser capable of removing small amounts of excess gum tissue with extraordinary accuracy. Dr. Lauer will recontour gum tissue and expose more of the tooth so that it will provide the new crown with a more solid base of support. Crown lengthening also makes it possible for a more accurate fit for the crown, as well as enhanced symmetry and balance between the gum and the tooth.

Dr. Lauer is a board-certified periodontic specialist who has performed crown lengthening procedures throughout the span of his career. It’s very important to consider undergoing this type of treatment from a skilled periodontist rather than a general dentist, since periodontists are singularly focused on gum renewal and restoration procedures. With his extensive training and expertise, Dr. Lauer can help you attain a virtually pain-free procedure and successful results.

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